Distro Hopping

Posted by : Unknown | Friday, November 25, 2005 | Published in

I've been playing with a couple of different Linux distro's - I have Suse 10 on my main machine which seems ok, but the sound's a bit flakey (its the second time I've installed it - the first time the sound stopped working unless I ran alsaconf everytime I booted) and I'm not sure I like the package management system as much as apt, which is what I use on the other distro I play with, Mepis. I was using SimplyMepis 3.3.2 before I installed Suse, but after the latest dist-upgrade it started locking up fairly often, which is why I decided to switch for a while. I'm currently downloading the first test release of Mepis 3.4, so I'll see what thats like...

*Edit: Got my sound working ok on Suse - found the solution here

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