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There's a hand-full of pocasts I've been trying to listen to lately (I say trying because I stick them on my ipod, and then it takes me at least a week to get around to listening to them :P). I quite like the idea of podcasts - find a subject you like, put it on your mp3 player and then slump and absorbe. Much less effort than reading a magazine or whatever (and cheaper in the case of Linux mags which are about £6 a pop at the moment, probably because of the DVD full of crap that I don't want, and could get from the internet if I did, that they insist on gluing to the cover) and quite often covering stuff you wouldn't find in most magazines.
The 2600 shows (Off the Wall and Off the Hook) which talk about communications, technology, hacking and civil liberties, amongst other things. Recently they ran a series of shows recorded by one of their presenters, Emanuel Goldstein, while he was doing a round-the-world trip, without getting on a plane, which was pretty interesting.
Another show I like is This Week in Science (TWIS) where the presenters talk about any science related topics they've dug up during the proceeding week. Topics can range from reports of discoveries of beneficial effects from illegal drugs (things like ecstasy possibly helping people with alzheimer's) through to fish parasites that chew away and then act as their hosts tongue. Lovely eh?
A few more that are worth a mention are This Week in Tech, which as the name suggests, is a run down of the weeks interesting tech related stories, which fairly often seems to turn into a bunch of people trying to talk over the top of each other :P but is generally pretty interesting, The Linux Link Tech Show for more techy goodness, and T.W.A.T. Radio which attempts to put out short daily shows about technology, computers and hacking.
There's lots of crap to wade through in finding decent podcasts (I suppose everything is interesting to someone) but I tend to find something that looks worth listening to every couple of weeks. All I have to do now is get around to listening to them...

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