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Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I'm still feeling utterly bloated from the amount of stuff I've eaten over the last few days, and I suspect the combined hangover of 3 days worth of getting pissed may take some getting rid of. We've had parties going on in our house for the last 2 nights, but neither of them in our flat (our shared house is split into 4 flats which is good - no arsing around getting to the party, and a short stumble to my bed when I'm ready to fall over) so no destruction to deal with - all in all its been a good few days.
I hope Santa was good to you all. I got a Nikon Coolpix 4600 as my main present, so I've spent a lot of the weekend blinding people with the flash from that. I also got the Hunter S. Thompson Documentries Breakfast with Hunter and When I Die off my girlfriend which I'm looking forward to watching, and a really nice coffee table book about Rome. Also got the usual slippers, chocolate, random odd things, all of which is pretty good. Don't think I actually got anything totally useless this year. Amazing!

Will post some of the pics from my camera when my head stops hurting a bit.... :P

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