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Posted by : Unknown | Tuesday, December 06, 2005 | Published in

Its the last night of the beginners Linux course I've been going to tonight (run by the North East Association of part time tutors and the Tyneside Linux Users Group). It's all been pretty simple stuff, but I have learned a few things and its gets me a qualification to stick on my CV (something that I'm woefully short on since finishing my GCSE's).
Its all been pretty enjoyable, apart from filling out worksheets and things, which I accept as a neccessary evil when doing courses like this, but I hate doing anyway. This is probably why I've done so little in the way of education since I left school - I really hate writing essays (or in this case diary sheets), I'd much rather do a practical exam to show I can do something, rather than spend hours writing about it.
The course has covered things like installing and configuring linux, basic command line usage, basic samba networking, and editing config files. The group ranges from people like me who already know most of the stuff, through to people who barely seem to be able to use a computer on any level.
Like I say, I've enjoyed it and I hope they do an evening run of the intermediate course as that seems to cover quite a lot of stuff I've never really tried before, but they've only run that during the day so far.

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