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I've been playing with Opera 8.5 for about a week now on my Suse box because I was so sick of how horribly sluggish Firefox has become. It seems to take an age to open the browser, and loading pages seems to take longer than any other browser I've tried, apart from possibly Safari on my eMac at work. I've also read lots of not so good stuff about Firefox 1.5 running really badly on Suse - similar lack of speed and irritating extension problems, so I've decided to wait until Suse releases it through YOU before upgrading.
So far I've been very impressed with Opera running on Suse. It's shit-hot - nice and quick to load the program and lightning fast loading up webpages, with no problems showing Flash and Java and a nice plugin that launches Kaffeine whenever I come across any streamed media. Now I just need to get used to the different keyboard shortcuts....
Opera on my work eMac however is a different story. Not too fast on loading either the program or the webpages, frequent screens claiming network problems and functions on some web pages being very flaky, or just not working at all, and it quite often either refuses to show the images on some pages, or shows them as fuzzy corruptions. I really wouldn't recommend it at the moment.
Firefox 1.5 however seems to run very nicely on my eMac - its nice and quick, much quicker than 1.07, and faster than Opera, and doesn't seem to have any problems with the pages that Opera was claiming network problems with.
All very odd. It would be nice to be able to run the same browser on both machines so I only have to be familiar to one set of commands and shortcuts, but never mind, it could be worse. I could be using Internet Explorer :P

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  1. Nathan said...

    I'd have to agree. Firefox 1.5 seems to run just fine on my Power Mac. Is all this sluggishness happening only in the PC world?

    2:21 am
  2. Rob said...

    Seems like it! Firefox on both Windows and Linux appears to have gotten slower and slower. Maybe it's something they'll start ironing out in Ver 1.5. Will have to play with it a bit more and see.

    9:15 am
  3. Agent_Smith said...

    Firefox 1.5 ran terribly in the "Deer Park" phase on my powerbook. I'm not sure as I have tentatively stopped upgrading to betas on my mac just for the sake of sanity and stability.

    As far as *nix goes...I've had no qualms with 1.5 on both open SuSE 10 and Breezy Badger so far. If only I hadn't nuked my xorg.config file ...maybe that badger box would still be in use.

    2:50 pm
  4. Rob said...

    Yeah ,I'm thinking I may have another look at it on Suse now its had time to have a few more builds made by different people. Will have a look tonight when I get in from work - would be interesting to see if its as fast as Opera though...

    3:08 pm