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I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd installed Ultimate Spiderman on my PC. I've had a chance to play it quite a bit now and so far I'm reasonably impressed.
I'm not sure if I like it as much as the first film spin-off game, which had really nice, easy to use controls especially when webslinging, but its ages since I played that so I could be wrong. It's certainly better than the last effort, which was just crap - I finished that and was sat thinking "uh, is that it...?", but again, it had good webslinging. In fact, that seems to be the only area that the newest version doesn't seem to be better in - webslinging in this version seems to be a case of frantic button mashing and with screams of "AH! For fucks sake go in the right direction!" during the chases when control really matters. It's fine if you can take your time, but not too good for high speed keeping up with villains, and results in rather frustrating repeats of levels until you finally manage to keep up with your fleeing villain and not fail the mission. I suspect this will get easier though as the game seems to upgrade your abilities as you play through, and its really not bad enough to majorly effect the enjoyment of the game.
The storyline of the game revolves around both Spiderman and Venom and you switch between playing both characters as the missions progress. Spiderman does his webslinging and a fair amount of gymnastic leaping about, combined with different kick/punch/web combos, whereas Venom can do huge leaps over and onto buildings along with slugging away at people with his fists and tentacles, and also uses his tentacles to eat people and absorb their energy. All good clean fun :P
Progressing through the game itself is a case of having Spiderman bimble around the city completing various time trials (flinging yourself around in 'beat the clock' type races) and combat tours (finding and beating the crap out of miscreants) which, when a certain amount of them are done, unlock the story missions which usually involve chasing around and battling various classic Spiderman baddies, such as The Beetle and Rhino, who've all been given makeovers in keeping with the 'Ultimate' theme. With Venom you go wandering around fighting various goons and munching on innocent bystanders to keep your energy up ("Must Feeeeeed!", etc). These are all pretty fun, but as I've already said, there can be a bit of fairly frustrating repetition sometimes before you can complete the missions. Fortunately it seems to give you checkpoints throughout the missions so you don't have to do the whole thing again if you fail.
All in all I'm enjoying playing this and would definitely recommend it to any Spiderman fan or anyone who wants an action game that's a bit different.

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