Pope: Divine inspiration is copyrighted

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"The Pope has announced that henceforth, and retroactively, the "divinely inspired" words he utters and pens will be governed by copyright, and only publishable after permission is secured and royalties are paid to the church."

Because the Catholic church, and particularly the Vatican, doesn't have enough money stashed away...

Have a look at Boing Boing - Pope: Divine inspiration is copyrighted for more info.

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Being Healthy Hurts

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Just had an excellent weekend. On Saturday my Dad and I drove down to my parents canal boat which is moored just outside of Lancaster, taking our mountain bikes and hiking boots with us. We chucked our stuff on the boat, got changed, and headed off on our bikes. From the boat we went towards Lancaster, from there to Morecambe where we rode along the seafront, and then back along the canal towpaths to the marina where the boat is kept. That was a pretty good ride, but as I'm horribly unfit and haven't been on my bike in months I was more than a little saddlesore by the end and spent the rest of the day walking like John Wayne.
We went to a pub near the marina called the Victoria in the evening for for a drink and something to eat, then wandered back to the boat for more to drink and then some sleep.
On the Sunday we packed up our stuff on the boat and headed for the Lake District in the car. We stopped in Patterdale and went for walk that took us along the edge of the lake there, around into another valley and then up and over a pretty steep hill (sorry to be vague about these valleys and hills, but I can't remember what they're called) back into Patterdale. We ended up walking about six miles and climbing a few hundred feet. From there we headed home.
As I said, an excellent weekend which has reminded me how much I enjoy going walking, which I haven't done in years. I feel much better for the exercise, and have slept better than I have in ages, but goddamn I ache!

And I forgot to take my camera. Bugger.

Amusing Blonde Joke

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A pretty inventive blonde joke. Made me chuckle anyway.

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Apple Device Compatibility

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This amused me, so I thought I'd share it - The camera featured in Steve Jobs' latest keynote speech, the Sony HC1, isn't on Apples list of compatible devices. This means he's been using a device that may or may not work with your Mac to advertise the features of the latest version of iMovie.

Bit of an oversight... You'd think they'd pick up on this sort of thing really.

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Keyboards Are Disgusting

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There's a Slashdot post appeared this afternoon with a translation of part of an article from a Swedish computer site on how filthy the average keyboard is.

Apparently the average keyboard has more bacteria per square centimetre than the average toilet seat. Lovely.
Admittedly, I can believe this. My own keyboard at home doesn't exactly sparkle, and it's not the most minging one I've seen by a very long way.
Time to spring-clean those keyboards people.

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Fleck: What does it do?

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Fleck is, in its own words, a "patent pending, world changing, paradigm shifting and user experience enhancing technology. Tagging, search, blog, AJAX and social networking, every WEB2.0 hype is covered". Ok...

Reading through their blog it looks like they're really doing something, but what? Who knows?

I've signed up for the beta test, so maybe I'll find out soon :D

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First Web Server

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I've just come across this on Digg - its a picture of the first web server, a Next Cube that was used by Tim Berners-Lee when he was developing the World Wide Web at the end of the 80's, that now lives in a Swiss museum.

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I've just received my invite to Newsvine from the uber-generous Ben Bishop and so far it's looking pretty damn interesting. It's a social news site with stories posted by both its subscribers/users and some of the bigger news agencies, and has features such as blogging and commenting on the stories there, as well as the ability to submit you own. On the front page at the moment we have a very amusing story on how Schwarzenegger has no motorbike license (because he "never really thought about it"), and also some photos of the new Macs that I've just been bitching about (and again, WTF!? I see pics of them online before seeing one at work!?), amongst other things.
It's still in its beta phase, but it looks pretty promising.

Thanks Ben!

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Apple Intel Release

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Well, I'm absolutely fuming. I work for Apple. I do tech support. I'm supposed to be able to help anyone who rings me with any product they've bought, regardless of how new it is. They've made me sign not 1 but 2 confidentiality agreements in the last year. Despite all this I'm not told about and trained on forthcoming products in advance, or even given any warning that they'll be coming out soon. No!, I have to read about our latest product release on the sodding BBC News site.

What. The. Fuck

Now when someone phones me about their spanking new Intel machine in the time between now and when they actually get around to training me (and it will happen. There are so many people who rush out and buy new Apple kit the moment its released, and then phone us and whinge (ok, be justifiably pissed off) about any bugs or other problems that are inevitably going to be found in a first release. Sad but true.) I'm going to have to either say "Sorry I don't know what you're talking about", thereby looking like some sort of total moron phone monkey, or say "sorry, Apple doesn't bother to train its staff on new products in advance" and get a bollocking for badmouthing them. It's a total pisstake! I mean, seriously! What the fuck do they think they're playing at?!

SO badly not amused.

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US troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalist

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Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalist

American troops in Baghdad yesterday blasted their way into the home of an Iraqi journalist working for the Guardian and Channel 4, firing bullets into the bedroom where he was sleeping with his wife and children.

Ali Fadhil, who two months ago won the Foreign Press Association young journalist of the year award, was hooded and taken for questioning. He was released hours later.

"They fired into the bedroom where we were sleeping, then three soldiers came in. They rolled me on to the floor and tied my hands. When I tried to ask them what they were looking for they just told me to shut up," he said.

Uh.. What can you say to that? Would be very interested to hear what shitty excuse they come up with for this one...

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Bargain Free

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Tynemouth Beach
Originally uploaded by RobMongoose.
Took a trip through to Tynemouth yesterday to go to the market that they have in the Metro station there every Sunday. Quite often you can go there and find some total bargains - in the past I've picked up a 1950s army trenchcoat, and on a separate trip a nice leather jacket, both for less than £15. I've also picked up a few nice pictures and ornaments. It has a computer stall, a tool stall, several record stalls and general tat stalls, and a fair few book stalls (it's seemingly impossible to go there without picking up a few books).
I've not found any total bargains there for a while though, and this week was even more disappointing than most - very little of any interest, and I only found 2 books that I wanted. Ah well, can't have bargains all the time I suppose.
After we left here we went and had Sunday Lunch in the Northumberland Arms, where they were doing a very good deal - you spend £12 on food, they give you either a bottle of wine or 2 pints, so we ended up with a very nice bottle of Shiraz which would apparently have cost us about £9. Score!
After this we took a fairly damp walk down to the seafront, and I took a few photos of the beach (which as you can see is looking a bit scruffy at the moment), and then we decided that the best/warmest place to be would be the Turks Head pub where we were sat very happily until we were driven away by some rampant dickhead charvs sitting playing music on their mobiles... They did stop after I sat and made loud comments about 'dickheads who play music theirhir mobiles in public' for a while, but the mood was kinda spoiled by then, so we decided it was time to head home.
Not a bad day just hope Tynemouth produces some more bargains soon!

A couple of pictures from my new camera

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Cos I can :P

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FasterFox is a Firefox extension I was pointed at by a friend of mine after hearing me complaining about how sluggish Firefox had become, and it seems to solve this problem very nicely by tweaking the performance and network settings to make page load times decent again. It's compatible with Firefox 1.5 and I would definitely recommend having a look at it. Opera is nice, but it just doesn't have all the useful extensions that Firefox does.

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Why KDE rules

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Why KDE rules is an interesting run down of the features included in the latest version of KDE, 3.5.0. I upgraded to this at the weekend and I'm still playing about and finding new features. So far it seems pretty much the same as 3.4 with a few tweaks, but from what I've read so far there's been a lot work work done 'under the hood' and it does seem faster than 3.4.

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Happy New Year..

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.. Hope you all had a good night on new years eve, and all the best for the year ahead. Good luck on any resolutions you've made - I'm still working through mine, but it'll probably be something along the lines of loose some weight, exercise more (I say this every year, maybe this year will be the one!) and try to learn a new skill, whether it be computer related or otherwise.
I've also decided I'm going to go to university this year so, providing I get a place, I'll be starting a foundation degree in network security at Sunderland Uni in September, which I'm looking forward to. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a great fan of essays and things, but at least the subject matter should be interesting, and it'll hopefully mean an end to end user support work in callcentres. God, how much do I want to not work in a callcentre anymore! My girlfriend is also hopefully going to uni at the same time to do a nursing degree (bloody nutcase! :P) so we can both be scruffy students together. It'll mean money's going to be a bit tight for a few years, but we reckoned that chunk of time where we're really skint is preferable to being students separately and being a bit skint for much longer.

On the subject of planning what you're going to do with your new year, have a look at this article on Lifehacker about good ideas for resolutions, and actually pulling your finger out and doing them...

Have a good one people.

(L to R) Me & my friend Mike