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Well, I'm absolutely fuming. I work for Apple. I do tech support. I'm supposed to be able to help anyone who rings me with any product they've bought, regardless of how new it is. They've made me sign not 1 but 2 confidentiality agreements in the last year. Despite all this I'm not told about and trained on forthcoming products in advance, or even given any warning that they'll be coming out soon. No!, I have to read about our latest product release on the sodding BBC News site.

What. The. Fuck

Now when someone phones me about their spanking new Intel machine in the time between now and when they actually get around to training me (and it will happen. There are so many people who rush out and buy new Apple kit the moment its released, and then phone us and whinge (ok, be justifiably pissed off) about any bugs or other problems that are inevitably going to be found in a first release. Sad but true.) I'm going to have to either say "Sorry I don't know what you're talking about", thereby looking like some sort of total moron phone monkey, or say "sorry, Apple doesn't bother to train its staff on new products in advance" and get a bollocking for badmouthing them. It's a total pisstake! I mean, seriously! What the fuck do they think they're playing at?!

SO badly not amused.

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