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Tynemouth Beach
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Took a trip through to Tynemouth yesterday to go to the market that they have in the Metro station there every Sunday. Quite often you can go there and find some total bargains - in the past I've picked up a 1950s army trenchcoat, and on a separate trip a nice leather jacket, both for less than £15. I've also picked up a few nice pictures and ornaments. It has a computer stall, a tool stall, several record stalls and general tat stalls, and a fair few book stalls (it's seemingly impossible to go there without picking up a few books).
I've not found any total bargains there for a while though, and this week was even more disappointing than most - very little of any interest, and I only found 2 books that I wanted. Ah well, can't have bargains all the time I suppose.
After we left here we went and had Sunday Lunch in the Northumberland Arms, where they were doing a very good deal - you spend £12 on food, they give you either a bottle of wine or 2 pints, so we ended up with a very nice bottle of Shiraz which would apparently have cost us about £9. Score!
After this we took a fairly damp walk down to the seafront, and I took a few photos of the beach (which as you can see is looking a bit scruffy at the moment), and then we decided that the best/warmest place to be would be the Turks Head pub where we were sat very happily until we were driven away by some rampant dickhead charvs sitting playing music on their mobiles... They did stop after I sat and made loud comments about 'dickheads who play music theirhir mobiles in public' for a while, but the mood was kinda spoiled by then, so we decided it was time to head home.
Not a bad day just hope Tynemouth produces some more bargains soon!


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