Being Healthy Hurts

Posted by : Unknown | Monday, January 23, 2006 | Published in

Just had an excellent weekend. On Saturday my Dad and I drove down to my parents canal boat which is moored just outside of Lancaster, taking our mountain bikes and hiking boots with us. We chucked our stuff on the boat, got changed, and headed off on our bikes. From the boat we went towards Lancaster, from there to Morecambe where we rode along the seafront, and then back along the canal towpaths to the marina where the boat is kept. That was a pretty good ride, but as I'm horribly unfit and haven't been on my bike in months I was more than a little saddlesore by the end and spent the rest of the day walking like John Wayne.
We went to a pub near the marina called the Victoria in the evening for for a drink and something to eat, then wandered back to the boat for more to drink and then some sleep.
On the Sunday we packed up our stuff on the boat and headed for the Lake District in the car. We stopped in Patterdale and went for walk that took us along the edge of the lake there, around into another valley and then up and over a pretty steep hill (sorry to be vague about these valleys and hills, but I can't remember what they're called) back into Patterdale. We ended up walking about six miles and climbing a few hundred feet. From there we headed home.
As I said, an excellent weekend which has reminded me how much I enjoy going walking, which I haven't done in years. I feel much better for the exercise, and have slept better than I have in ages, but goddamn I ache!

And I forgot to take my camera. Bugger.

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