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I've just received my invite to Newsvine from the uber-generous Ben Bishop and so far it's looking pretty damn interesting. It's a social news site with stories posted by both its subscribers/users and some of the bigger news agencies, and has features such as blogging and commenting on the stories there, as well as the ability to submit you own. On the front page at the moment we have a very amusing story on how Schwarzenegger has no motorbike license (because he "never really thought about it"), and also some photos of the new Macs that I've just been bitching about (and again, WTF!? I see pics of them online before seeing one at work!?), amongst other things.
It's still in its beta phase, but it looks pretty promising.

Thanks Ben!

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  1. Robert G said...

    Dude this is a cool blog, and I hear you loud and clear on the macs. I was thinking the same thing, mainly, WTF.

    Anyway, cool blog, and newsvine does seem pretty sweet too. I hadn't heard about it till I stumbled across your site. Well keep it up, and I'll tell people with the new macs to call someone else for a change! haha

    12:47 pm
  2. OORANOS said... 6:21 am