Hill walking near Reeth, North Yorkshire

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I went on my walking spree. Was less painful than last time. Possibly something to do with not having had a long bike ride the day before this time, but encouraging none the less. We took one of my parents dogs with us and were walking for about 3 and a half hours. I really enjoyed it and got some pretty good photos. The photos of the fool in the previous post were taken on the way there.

Have you no shame?

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Would be a bloody Sunderland supporter wouldn't it.


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Been very slack updating lately - Just haven't done anything or seen any articles that seemed worth writing about, but nevermind... :P

Got a lovely head cold at the mo, which is really nice. Have to keep muting people on the phone at work to have coughing fits, but the cold seems to be on the way out now so hopefully it should have buggered off soon.

Going on another bout of healthiness tomorrow, albeit a slightly less lengthy one than last time - going walking 'somwhere in Yorkshire...'
Hopefully this time I'll remember the camera.

Firefox Essentials: 10 Must-Have Extensions

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I've just been come across this on Newsvine - It's an article that describes a list of excellent Firefox extensions, some of which I was already using, some of which I hadn't seen. All of them seem to be very good, with features like Adblocking with an auto updating blacklist of ads to block, flash blocking (which I really needed because my Suse box slows to a crawl when I have too many webpages with lots of flash open) and a decent tabbed browsing extension to replace the one I was using which seems to be getting a bit buggy, doing random irritating things with the tabs.
I would recommend at least trying all of these extensions to anyone who uses Firefox as their main browser.

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