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"windows is easier than linux, just like shitting your pants is easier than going to the bathroom."

fuscia, Ubuntu Forums.

Sweet sweet 3 day weekends..

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Woohoo! Got the day off for Monday! Not a big deal for most people on a bank holiday I know, but here they are fought over in a vicious fashion :P Chuffed...


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There's been a few interesting happenings since last time I did an update on here. We finished paying for the holiday (so roll on June), and we got tickets for Leeds Festival (Just hope they announce a few more decent bands) which sold out in less than 3 hours, so we were pretty lucky there.

We've had the first couple of barbecues for the year, which were pretty good - a fair few people turning up for both and plenty of decent food (yay for the cheepo freezer shop) and decent weather.
Last weekend I went and stopped at my friend Mike's new flat in Jesmond, which is pretty nice. Not sure I could deal with living in a shared flat, but the place itself is sweet. We had a night out in Newcastle - Me, Mike, John, and Vish, as well as some other people Mike knew - First we went to Luckies, realised we'd missed their 'buy one get one free' time and recoiled in horror at the price of the beer, fled to the Wetherspoons pub 'The Union Rooms' near Central Station, which is a really nice old building with big high rooms, real fire places in most of the rooms and a huge old staircase in the entrance - I really like it in there, quite apart from its Wetherspoony cheapness. After that we went to Legends. I hadn't been there since they turned into a rock club, but it seems ok - pretty full anyway. Reckon I'll go back :P A pretty good night (from what I can remember).

I'm still doing the gym, although I don't seem to be getting any less lardy yet :P But I guess that one is a case of keep at it. Must get around to doing some more walking and mountain biking - much more fun than exercising in a room full of sweaty people!

On the computer side of things, I've installed Kubuntu and configured it with the excellent Automatix script made by arnieboy from the Ubuntu forums. Thanks for that, very useful. What the script does is install and configure loads of fiddley little things for you like Nvidia drivers, browser plugins, and media players, amongst many others. Kubuntu (and Ubuntu, the Gnome desktop version) is based on Debian, but updates its software from its own repositories, which seem to be a lot more coordinated and stable than Debians which means the distro is more stable - This is why I switched - I was using Mepis before which updates from the pure Debian Apt pools, but kept breaking because of software incompatibilities. So far I'm really impressed with Kubuntu and I'm looking forward to playing with the new release which is supposed to come out in June. It wasn't quite as user friendly as Mepis to install and configure, but now that it's done the distro itself is excellent.
Also on Linux, I've just been given a copy of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 that runs natively, which is nice. Another one to add to the collection of games that I can play without stupid emulators (or whatever Cedega thinks it is) or having to reboot the computer and load up Windows. It's an RPG game which has you riding around building up your army, fighting beasties and collecting shiny things (or artifacts as the game would put it :P). It seems to be one of those games that eats up hours without trying, so beware.

There's probably been other interesting stuffs happened, but I've rambled enough for now :D

Adventure Quest

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I just discovered Adventure Quest which is an online RPG sort of like Final Fantasy, but simpler. It's pretty addictive and good for wasting time at work. There's free account and paid accounts which open up more of the game and also gives you access to the beta version of a new game being done by the same people. Have a look at the website for more.

Or not.

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Scratch that. LJ sucks balls. Big hairy ones. It looks like shit and demands that you pay to be allowed to use all of its decent features.

So, Back to Blogger... :)