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Geek Chic

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I sussed out how to use remote desktop at the weekend so I can hide my horrible noisey XP media box behind the sofa and control it from my Linux box, which will be nice. The amount of noise that thing makes is unbelievable. So, I'm going to get a wireless network card and hide it. Maybe I could put some new quieter fans in as well...

For the remote desktopping I installed the free edition of VNC on my XP box (had to do this even if I had wanted to use the built in remote desktop server because I only have XP Home which doesn't have it) and am using Krdc from my Kubuntu box to control it. Seems to work nicely :)

I've just discovered that Suse 10.1 has been released. I might have a look at it, but Kubuntu is working so nicely I doubt I'll switch again, at least for the time being. Now I just want Ubuntu to hurry up and release Dapper because I really want to have a play with Xgl. It's pretty :P I could probably do it with Breezy, but the packages are all there for Dapper so it should be nice n easy.

At the moment I'm sitting listening to a Linux podcast while reading Star Wars comics on my computer. How geekcore l33t am I? lol.

Almost wish this was me

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Entertaining stuff happening here! - I've been idly wondering for about an hour now why there's a police car sat outside - turns out that one of managers here (called Richard Hedley, or Dick Hed to his fans, and a right nasty little twat to boot - terminal short person syndrome) went into one of the contracts and laid off about 10 people. One of these people didn't take it too well - picked up their computer monitor, smashed it on the floor, picked up their keyboard and destroyed it, picked up their phone and smashed it on the floor, was restrained, got loose and planted the afore-mentioned manager, was restrained again while the manager ran away, got loose again, left the room, putting a hole in the wall as they went, and went haring off upstairs looking for the manager again... After this they were apparently asked to leave the building.

This person is now my own personal hero. The amount of times I've choked back the urge to do exactly this. It would almost be worth the ensuing legal bother. And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving manager.


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Spent a large chunk of yesterday playing Painkiller. An oldish game I know, but I'd forgotten how therapeutic it is.
Nothing complicated about this one - Just kill everything that moves, using a variety of interesting weapons ranging from a stake gun (which can be used to staple your target to the nearest wall, great stuff) to "The Painkiller" which seems to be the bastard child of a helicopter and a mechanical lawnmower (see picture...) and doubtless other interesting toys which I've yet to discover.

Yay for pointlessly violent computer games :D


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Pain, hurt, self-harm. What are you smoking woman!?

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Just had the pleasure of reading this article from The Herald (which herald? from where? who cares...) and I'm quite surprised that such appalling ignorace and opionated bullshit is actually still put into print. Lumping everyone who has a tattoo into the same catagory as the airhead fashion victims who do things getting Tweetypie tattoos on their saggy knockers without putting any thought into it is nothing short of offensive. "Tattooing is the close cousin of self-harming, eating disorders and and destructive urges.." What the fuck!? That must mean I'm mistaken in thinking that I'm not a great fan of pain, obviously feel like dashing out for a pack of razors to slash up my arms, and shit, I must be imagining this gut I'm carrying around!... I am not unhappy, I do not loathe myself, and as for "inarticulate sorrow"... well, hmmm. I think not.

Yes the cute dolphins are shit, but thats entirely down to the lack of thought put into their choosing by the fashion victim concerned - Some of us spend years choosing and designing pieces of art that we are proud to display on our bodies. I have been getting tattoos now for several years, have quite a few of them in various places about my body, and I do not regret a single one of them. They have never stopped me getting a job (simply putting on a shirt renders them non-existant as far as potential employers are concerned), and I'm not a "victim" of anything (at least, as far as I know.. and I'm sure I'd be the first to notice.)

Melanie Reid, you are a biggotted moron. Back in your box.

Superman Returns

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I've just watched the new Superman Returns trailer, and it looks like it's gonna be cool :)

Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor! Fantastic choice. Can't wait to see this.

God Told Me to Skin You Alive!

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Well, not really. But if I could find the person resonsible for me having to be at work on such a nice day (escpecially given how scabby it was on Monday) I'd skin them.

Bastards :P

Where the hell did I put...

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Got a new desk at the weekend and now I can't find a damn thing. Moved everything off my old desk into boxes, and have started putting it all into/on the new one, but some stuff seems to have dissappeared. My USB stick for example - I'm pretty sure I know exactly where I put it, but could I find it when I wanted it this morning? Could I buggery. Ah well. Can't have gone far and I'm sure it'll turn up. The new desk is cool - My old one was just a big table, but this is a proper, old-skool desk with a big cupboard and lots of drawers for me to fill with crap.

Went to see Slither on Saturday night - It's a comedy alien takeover/zombie film - Zombies stumbling around to cheesey love songs - very funny.

Didn't do much on Sunday - Went to the gym, then went out for a few drinks with The Goat, then met up with Marie who'd been out with her mates for several hours and was totally muntered. Very funny ("I'm not shlurring!").

Did very little yesterday - Lay in bed for the morning, went for a fry-up, got some food in, then sat around drinking and playing computer games. And getting paid for it. w00t.