Almost wish this was me

Posted by : Unknown | Wednesday, May 17, 2006 | Published in

Entertaining stuff happening here! - I've been idly wondering for about an hour now why there's a police car sat outside - turns out that one of managers here (called Richard Hedley, or Dick Hed to his fans, and a right nasty little twat to boot - terminal short person syndrome) went into one of the contracts and laid off about 10 people. One of these people didn't take it too well - picked up their computer monitor, smashed it on the floor, picked up their keyboard and destroyed it, picked up their phone and smashed it on the floor, was restrained, got loose and planted the afore-mentioned manager, was restrained again while the manager ran away, got loose again, left the room, putting a hole in the wall as they went, and went haring off upstairs looking for the manager again... After this they were apparently asked to leave the building.

This person is now my own personal hero. The amount of times I've choked back the urge to do exactly this. It would almost be worth the ensuing legal bother. And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving manager.

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