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Posted by : Unknown | Tuesday, May 23, 2006 | Published in

I sussed out how to use remote desktop at the weekend so I can hide my horrible noisey XP media box behind the sofa and control it from my Linux box, which will be nice. The amount of noise that thing makes is unbelievable. So, I'm going to get a wireless network card and hide it. Maybe I could put some new quieter fans in as well...

For the remote desktopping I installed the free edition of VNC on my XP box (had to do this even if I had wanted to use the built in remote desktop server because I only have XP Home which doesn't have it) and am using Krdc from my Kubuntu box to control it. Seems to work nicely :)

I've just discovered that Suse 10.1 has been released. I might have a look at it, but Kubuntu is working so nicely I doubt I'll switch again, at least for the time being. Now I just want Ubuntu to hurry up and release Dapper because I really want to have a play with Xgl. It's pretty :P I could probably do it with Breezy, but the packages are all there for Dapper so it should be nice n easy.

At the moment I'm sitting listening to a Linux podcast while reading Star Wars comics on my computer. How geekcore l33t am I? lol.

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