Where the hell did I put...

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Got a new desk at the weekend and now I can't find a damn thing. Moved everything off my old desk into boxes, and have started putting it all into/on the new one, but some stuff seems to have dissappeared. My USB stick for example - I'm pretty sure I know exactly where I put it, but could I find it when I wanted it this morning? Could I buggery. Ah well. Can't have gone far and I'm sure it'll turn up. The new desk is cool - My old one was just a big table, but this is a proper, old-skool desk with a big cupboard and lots of drawers for me to fill with crap.

Went to see Slither on Saturday night - It's a comedy alien takeover/zombie film - Zombies stumbling around to cheesey love songs - very funny.

Didn't do much on Sunday - Went to the gym, then went out for a few drinks with The Goat, then met up with Marie who'd been out with her mates for several hours and was totally muntered. Very funny ("I'm not shlurring!").

Did very little yesterday - Lay in bed for the morning, went for a fry-up, got some food in, then sat around drinking and playing computer games. And getting paid for it. w00t.

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