Hanoi Rocks

Posted by : Unknown | Monday, June 05, 2006 | Published in

Marie and I went to see Hanoi Rocks at Legends in Newcastle on Saturday. They're 80's sleaze hair rock at its best, still doing the clubs and enjoying themselves. It was extremely entertaining, but at the same time a little bit tragic...

For the most part they were excellent - They kept it loud and bouncy and even though I couldn't name one of their songs if asked to I really enjoyed all of it. I'll definately see them again given the chance, and may even aquire an album or two.
The tragic part was watching the guitarist. He and the singer appear to be the only original members left (bearing in mind these guys have been knocking around since the early 80's) and while the singer appeared to still be enjoying himself and putting his best into the gig, the guitarist was just so drug addled and wasted that he could barely string a sentence together, was attempting to mime to a backing track (and failing) instead of playing, and generally falling around the stage getting pitying looks from the rest of the band. It was funny, but at the same time its a pretty sad state to end up in.

But anyway, an excellent night. I got some really crappy photos on my phone (forgot my camera), got reasonably tipsy, and had an argument with a charv in a pizza shop on the way home. Rock on.

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