WooHoo Ipodage, finally

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After 10 weeks of general incompetance and pissing about, those fine fine people at Dixons have finally coughed up the vouchers they owed me for a replacement iPod. My old iPod Mini had a cover plan on it from the afore mentioned useless bastards, saying that if the iPod broke down they would send it off and mend it and if they had it for more than 6 weeks I automatically get a replacement. So, the six weeks inevitably went by, I phoned them and asked them for my replacement, and after 4 more weeks of hounding them, they've finally replaced it for me.
I now have a shiny new black 30gb video iPod which I reckon was well worth the wait. I've installed an alternative firmware on it called Rockbox which lets me do things with the ipod like playing music encoded to formats other than mp3, like ogg and flac which is nice, and it also lets you mount it like a hard disk to move the files on and off of it which is much nicer than messing about with the ever evil iTunes. It also does cool things like letting me play Doom and Frozen Bubble on the ipod and has a Gameboy emulator as well. The only thing I'd like that it doesn't do yet (which I'm sure it will in the future) is do video playback, which means I have to reboot the player back into Apples original firmware to do that (which I do a fair bit because being able to watch anime on the way home from work is brilliant). The other reason for using Rockbox is that it plays nicely with Linux - whenever I plugged my ipod into linux before it always seemed to manage to kill the iTunes library file on the ipod rendering most of the music unfindable, which was a bit of a bugger, but Rockbox doesn't use this file, so no problem there.

I'm well chuffed with my new toy and I thank whichever god you feel like pointing me at that I no longer have to listen to other people on my way to work.

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