Transformers Movie

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This should be really good. Fianlly another Transformers film. Hopefully this means they'll start selling the toys again as well :P

Have a look here for a really frustrating teaser clip.

Killer Kangaroos

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According to the BBC News site, scientists in Australia have uncovered fossil evidence of flesh eating killer kangaroos that lived between 10 and 20 million years ago (you'd think that maybe they could narrow it down a bit more, but nevermind). They have also found fossils of several other previously unknown animals, including a carnivorous duck.

Shame they aren't still around. I quite fancy a carnivorous duck as a pet. :P

Holy Flaming Laptops Batman!

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Yes it happened nearly a month ago, but I only just read about it - A Dell laptop spontaneously combusts...

Have a look if you fancy a giggle.


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This actually happened a while ago, but I never got around to posting about it - I've been accepted onto a foundation degree course in network security at Sunderland University starting in September. I'm really looking forward to it. It'll give me a much better understanding of a subject I'm interested in anyway, and should hopefully end up with me having the qualification I need to finally get a job that I actually enjoy doing, and start developing a decent career. No more end user support! I'd also very much like it if I never have to work in another call centre ever again. I fucking hate them and I've been working in various different ones since I was about 16.

So, come the middle of September I can jack in my job with the ever delightful Apple, stop dealing with the sort of fuckwits that feel the need to call for tech support on an iPod (I mean, dear god, it's really not that hard. RTFM!) and spend a few years doing the whole student thang. Should be great.

Roll on September...

Kubuntu CDs

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My batch of free Kubuntu disks arrived while we were away. It's really cool that they send you them for nothing. No shipping charges, nowt. Brilliant.

Have a look here if you fancy ordering yourself some. I got 10 - 8 normal and 2 64-bit versions.

Back... Guh

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Got back from Rhodes this morning. Have spent 2 weeks eating and drinking too much and basking in the sun. It was brilliant. Sadly, we're now back in Sunderland...

Got a new tatto while we were out there, just a small one to remember the holiday from

Spent the 2 weeks going no where near a computer and am now engaging in some heavy duty gaming to quench the thirst... :D

Anyone interested in more pics can have a look at my Flickr page.