Furniture Rocks

Posted by : Unknown | Monday, August 28, 2006 | Published in

Back from Leeds Festival today and it was pretty damn good. I didn't see that many bands because there weren't that many decent ones on, but most of the ones I did see were really good. I saw Sick Of It All, Bodycount (with Ice Mutha-fuckin T ;)), Mastadon, and a few others. The best band I saw all weekend was definitely Pearl Jam. They were absolutely fantastic. Seeing that many people singing along to 'Black' was quite impressive to see.
Breakfast this morning was interesting - I ate while sitting in a field full of burning tents watching huge bursts of flame and listening to the explosions as some of the bigger dickheads on the campsite threw camping gas canisters on the fires. Breakfast in a war zone. Great stuff.
A decent week end all in all, but it's nice to be back. Carpet under my feet and not picking grasws out of my food. Furniture rocks.


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I'm off to Leeds Festival for the bank holiday weekend. 4 days of living in a tent drinking far more than can be good for anyone, and listening to some decent bands. I'm especially looking forward to Slayer and Bodycount.
I've been a couple of times before so I know pretty much what to expect, so here's to hoping it's a good weekend. :)

Studentage beckons..

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I've finally got my start date for my networking course - I have to enroll on the 13th of September and the course actually starts on the 18th. Can't wait :P It'll be so nice to actually spend my time doing something constructive rather than sitting at the mercy of the British public waiting for my mind to finally give up and rot away under the barrage of concentrated stupidity...

Bandwidth Upgrade

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The free bandwidth upgrade that the ever evil plusnet promised me months ago finally seems to have kicked in.

I'm sitting downloading all 190mb of Nexuiz, a free fps, in about 4 minutes at 700kb/s.


I love broadband. Free speed upgrades are even better :)