Getting interesting..

Posted by : Unknown | Saturday, September 30, 2006 | Published in

That's the first week of my course over and done with and it looks like things are going to be interesting. At the moment they're just trying to get everyone up to the same level on the basics (and it's quite amazing how little some of these people know considering the course they've signed up for..). We've been doing things like basic networking and use of the command line as well as some very simple Java programming, which was pretty much the same as the C++ I did a while back.
One thing I did learn about this week which I've never been too sure on was binary and hex numbers - It's always been one of those things that I never quite got, but it seems to have clicked now.
From what the lecturer has said about the Microsoft module it's going to be a 'How to hack XP' course, which should be fun, and we also had a bit of a play with the switches in the Cisco lecture.
A pretty good start and I'm looking forward to things getting a bit more challenging.

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