Humbug :P

Posted by : Unknown | Tuesday, December 12, 2006 | Published in

Not long at Uni left this year - Only a couple of exams to do next week and I'm done. They're both Cisco exams and I'm reasonably confident I'll do OK on them as I did better than expected on the last one. Really need to get to grips with subnetting though. What a bitch that is... I just can't seem to get my head around it.

I've also got some disgustingly long shifts in the pub to look forward to dealing with the delightfully festive public, god damn them. Should make me plenty of cash though :D

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  1. Jenoir said...

    Y'alreeeeeet?...i've eventually made a step away from myspace and done a blog on here...


    2:48 pm
  2. Ben Bishop

    Hey Rob, have you left Apple now you are at Uni? How's the course going?

    1:17 am
  3. Rob said...

    Hi, sorry to both of you - Blogger decided for some reason that I wanted my comments moderating, but didn't ask me first and didn't email to tell me there were comments... Bleh.

    Nice one on the fleeing from MySpaz Jen :P Shall have a look in a mo..

    Ben, yup, finally free from the Tyranny of Apple, and yes, I'm loving Uni. The course is really interesting and challenging. What I've wanting to do for ages.

    Sorry again both of you for the lack of response!

    8:05 pm