Ski Nutter

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I've just read about this in El Reg. Some Norwegian nutter skiing down Europes longest escalator. Amazing stuff :P

The Story So Far

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I'm booked in to get some more of my half-sleeve tattooed tomorrow, so I thought I'd put up some pics of the work so far.

Here's the original ink - Ganesha tattooed on the outside of my arm

And here's Kali on the inside of my arm

She's not quite finished, but some other bits of the sleeve need doing before that can be done.
I'll post pics of the new work soon.

Tasty Japanese Goodness

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I've just pulled the pictures from the meal I went for on my birthday with my family from my camera, so I thought I'd stick something up on here.
We went to Hanahanas in Newcastle. I was a wee bit on the hung-over side, but it was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here's a picture of me troughing for you all to enjoy :P

God damn Java...

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I've finally finished and am about to hand in my Java written assignment for uni. Very frustrating it was too...

The actual coding took me about 2 or 3 hours, but then I had to spend at least that long again making schedules, etc.

I can see the point I suppose, a larger project would need it, but for something this size it's a pain in the arse. Bah to project management. I never wanted to be a coder anyway.

More Vista Drivers...

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Since my last rant on this both Nvidia and Creative have released new Vista drivers. I installed them both, rebooted, and quel surprise! Problems NOT solved! Still no way of creating custom screen resolutions from the shitty 'all new Nvidia control panel', and still no working 5.1 sound. Installing the new creative driver has in fact taken me a step backwards - I had 5.1 sound partially working before using the XP drivers, but it looks like this new, improved piece of shit driver has gone and shafted that... Nice.

Finally gave up and took my KVM switch out from between the monitor and the main box so Vista can actually see that I have a LCD screen now allowing me to get the resolution I was after, but I really shouldn't have to. Didn't in XP...

Certified network monkey...

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I got a letter through from the university saying I've passed the first module of my course (I got 63% average, if I remember correctly) and, when I got into my Cisco lecture on Tuesday, I was given a certificate for passing the first module of that part of the course. It's got a shiny gold star on it and everything :)

Now, I just need to get this blasted Java assignment out of the way...