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Ok, so I'm guilty once again of blog neglect. Sorry blog :P

I've done quite a bit since I last posted. Uni is finished for the summer, so I'm just waiting for my results to come through at the moment. The last few weeks were pretty stressful with a fine, well thought out set of exams and assignments... (me? sarcastic?), but that's all over now and I reckon I did reasonably. Since I've finished I've been using my spare time to catch up on all the books and films I've had sitting waiting for me. I've watched a load of classical movies, all of which I've enjoyed. The best ones that I've watched so far have been 12 Angry Men and Double Indemnity both of which I would recommend to any film fan of taste! I can't be bothered to give plot-lines, etc, so have a look at the linkage if you care. For books, I've just finished one of Leslie Charteris' The Saint books. Excellent 1930's ish gentleman spy/swashbuckler type stuff. I love that sort of thing and really enjoyed this, so I'm looking forward to reading the other 2 that I picked up at the same time. The other good book that I've been looking at is Francesco's Venice which has got some excellent pictures and writing about Venice, even if the author does talk about himself rather a lot. I've got stacks of stuff waiting to be read, and hopefully I should be able to make a fair dent in it over my time off.

I've finally laid the patio in our garden. We've only been talking about it for 3 years now, so not to bad there. It's great having the extra barbecue space. Once we've tidied it all up a bit I think a party may be in order.

The other major thing that I think I may have neglected to mention on here is that we've booked another holiday on Zante. We leave in a couple of weeks for a fortnight. We're going back to the same village that we stopped at last time, Kalamaki, which was really nice and quiet, with quite a few restaurants and small bars but no nightclubs, which is just what we want. Apparently it's grown a bit since then, but is still the same atmosphere. Last time we went it was in October, right at the end of the season, so everything was really quiet. The other thing we missed last time was the loggerhead turtles but this time we're apparently going at just the right time. The snorkeling there is supposed to be excellent, so I'll probably end up only coming out of the sea to eat. :P Bring it all on. Two weeks of sun and Greek food and booze. Can't wait.

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