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Anyone who does any sort of coding, be it web pages or application code, will find their job made a lot easier by an editing tool that helps them check their syntax and allows them to test the code on the fly to make sure any alterations haven't broken anything. I strongly recommend that anyone that this applies to checks out Notepad++.

I discovered this excellent free tool when I was trying to work out what was going wrong when I was editing the XML coding for this blog. There was something somewhere that there shouldn't have been that was stopping the page loading but I couldn't for the life of me work out what. I used this tool to check the code then ran a test in firefox, using a menu option built into the tool, and it very helpfully told me exactly where the problem was. Notepad++ provides support for syntax checking in a wide variety of programming languages, and also allows collapsing of different kinds of statements, helping to simplify the overall bulk of code that you're working with.
I'm not a fan of coding for exactly the reason that it's possible to spend entirely too long finding that tiny snippet of code that's broken everything, but some times it's unavoidable and I can just about find my way around. Tools like this make everything much less painless, and whilst I still don't exactly enjoy coding, I'm less likely to shrink away in horror...

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