Nerja Caves

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A couple of days ago we decided to visit the Nerja caves. I love visiting stuff like this and do it whenever I have a chance. The caves were absolutely beautiful, it's just a shame that they may not stay that way as most of the people in there seemed to be too stupid to take any notice of the repeated signs forbidding flash photography (this is done because it, as far as I know, damages the pigments in the rock). Presumably for the same reason you could only get into a small portion of the caves and the paintings could only be viewed from pictures in the visitors centre. This is a great shame, but I suppose it's inevitable if people can't be trusted not to be morons.. I would have liked to have been here in about a month as that's when they hold the cave festival where there are musical performances put on down there, which I gather is amazing.
Again for more pics, check out my Flickr page. Some of the pictures are less sharp than I'd like because of the afore-mentioned lack of flash. For more info on the caves, have a look at the official site and the wikipedia page. Great stuff. Go and see it, but beware of the mercenary photo people!

La Fiesta De San Juan

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St. Johns festival is an event that happens every year in Nerja on the 24th of June and attended by people from all over the region to celebrate the fish! It's an all night affair where the locals come and camp on the beach, and it's apparently traditional for everyone to throw themselves into the sea at midnight. There were hundreds of people there with live music and a long barbecue pit where tons of sardines where flame cooked and then given out with bread for anyone who could be bothered to stand in the massive queue... The whole thing had a great party atmosphere and everyone seemed to be getting along great with no problems at all that I saw. A far cry (sadly) from any similar event in the UK. There was fireworks and (as you can see from the picture above) a big bonfire. After these were done we took our sardines (which were absolutely delicious) and went and sat on the beach to people watch. We had a great night and I'd definitely recommend this as a must do experience for anyone that happens to be in the region at the right time. There were all ages there from the very young kids tearing around, to the old folks having a fine time dancing to the bands. We thought we'd missed it but it turned out to have been moved back a day to make way for Spain playing in Euro 2008, and I'm very glad it was. An unforgettable part of our trip.

For anyone interested in more pictures, check out my Flickr page.

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The foundation degree is finished. Two years have flown over and now there's just the top-up year at the uni to get me the full BSc and I'm done! I've thoroughly enjoyed doing the course and have learned an amazing amount. Can't wait to start putting it into practice. I'm intending to spend the summer passing the rest of my MCSA, getting my driving license and doing as much security reading as I can (any suggestions?). I'm also going to look into getting some sort of part time tech job to earn a bit of cash. Any experience could be useful...
But, before I get stuck into that, I'm off to Spain. The other half and I are going to spend a couple of weeks sitting in the sun reading, going swimming, and indulging too much. She's a student nurse, so we've both put in some fairly serious graft in the last year and we both really need some downtime! We're heading off to Nerja which is on the southern coast. Should we feel the need to do stuff there's loads within easy distance. The caves there are apparently amazing, and if we fancy it we're pondering taking trips out to Barcelona and Gibraltar. We're flying out tomorrow, so this time in 24 hours I'll be snoozing my first night in Spain. I'll be blogging any interesting stuff we do and posting as many smug photos as possible.