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The foundation degree is finished. Two years have flown over and now there's just the top-up year at the uni to get me the full BSc and I'm done! I've thoroughly enjoyed doing the course and have learned an amazing amount. Can't wait to start putting it into practice. I'm intending to spend the summer passing the rest of my MCSA, getting my driving license and doing as much security reading as I can (any suggestions?). I'm also going to look into getting some sort of part time tech job to earn a bit of cash. Any experience could be useful...
But, before I get stuck into that, I'm off to Spain. The other half and I are going to spend a couple of weeks sitting in the sun reading, going swimming, and indulging too much. She's a student nurse, so we've both put in some fairly serious graft in the last year and we both really need some downtime! We're heading off to Nerja which is on the southern coast. Should we feel the need to do stuff there's loads within easy distance. The caves there are apparently amazing, and if we fancy it we're pondering taking trips out to Barcelona and Gibraltar. We're flying out tomorrow, so this time in 24 hours I'll be snoozing my first night in Spain. I'll be blogging any interesting stuff we do and posting as many smug photos as possible.

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