Another MS Cert

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I obtained another MCP cert yesterday. The exam was 70-290:Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment.

So, only a couple more MS exams and the CompTIA Security+ to go until I have my MCSA:Security. Between this and my Fd results I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Now, on with the next one!


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I just found out from the university that I've been awarded a prize for outstanding achievements in my course last year. So I have a £40 cheque to dispose of as I see fit. I think some more books might be in order. I'm looking at getting the first Stealing the Network book: How To Own The Box. I've heard really good things about and the excerpts I've read from it are great. Now all I need is for the uni to re-issue the cheque with my name spelt properly...

USB dongle auto malware scanning with clamav

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Just read about this on Extreme Security. The idea is that it scans your USB drive whenever you plug it into a machine. Could be useful for anyone that plugs their pendrive into a lot of insecure machines and needs to check it regularly, but it might get annoying if you only use your drive in a few machines. I'll probably just keep mine as an on-demand check from the app itself, but it's an interesting idea. The scripting didn't quite work when I tried it, but I'm sure I can get it going nicely on my key with some tweaking. It's probably just Vista being awkward.

Reading List Goodies

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The first 3 books that I was after from my next years reading list have arrived. I now have Beyond Fear and Secrets & Lies by Bruce Schneier, and Ross Andersons Security Engineering to plough through. I've heard great things about all of these books and I've really been looking forward to getting stuck into them! I've started with Secrets and Lies and will post my thoughts on it, and the others as I read them. Security Engineering is a bit of a monster though. Could take some time...

As I've said, all 3 are on my university reading list for next year, which I was pleased about as I already wanted to read them. I've heard several people say that Security Engineering is one of the best and most reffered to security books they own, and Schneiers work is always worth a read and these 2 books have also come highly recommended.

Bruce Schneier video

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I've just found this excellent Bruce Schneier video through It's a really interesting Q&A session that he did at DefCon 15 covering all sorts of fascinating stuff including cryptography, privacy and voting machines amongst other topics. I really enjoy his writing and it was good to see that he is as passionate about what he does in person as comes across in his essays and blog posts. Give it a watch, it's about 50 mins.

Securitytube is something I've only just discovered, but am pretty impressed with so far. YouTube for InfoSec geeks. Lots of really interesting stuff on there from tutorials to documentaries.


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The results for my uni course have been posted. I got my foundation degree with a commendation, which I am told is the best mark that can be obtained for this type of course. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Now, on with the 3rd year...

The course, which starts in September is a 1 year top up to BSc for anyone with a relevent level 2 qualification (i.e. Foundation degree, HND or equivalent). The course summary including full module descriptions and reading lists can be found here (course code GH46) on the University Of Sunderland website. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into it and I really want to get my hands on some the reading list material particularly the books by Ross Anderson and Bruce Schneier. I think it bodes well for the course that there's stuff on that list that I really wanted to read anyway. Only problem is that I've got to wait until September. Ah well.