So Far, So Disorganised

Posted by : Unknown | Wednesday, October 15, 2008 | Published in

I'm now into the 3rd week of the uni term and they have just about managed to get themselves organised. The time table has been all over the place, and is still wrong in one instance, and there have been several problems with lecturers turning up at different times to their class, or sometimes not at all.

The most interesting module thus far is the Network Management course we're on which is being taken by Dr. Chris Stokoe. He seems like a very nice bloke, and has had relevant industry experience to draw on for his lectures, which (for me) instantly makes him more interesting and credible than those with a purely academic background. He is also going to be the first lecturer this year to actually have us touch a computer (Level 3 IT students, 3 weeks into our course... Am I right to be frustrated by this?). He's apparently going to start us all off doing a Linux system later on this week.

At least it's all finally started. Should hopefully get better from here, but I have no illusions about the uni getting themselves organised. They've always been the same and I doubt it's going to change. I wonder if they're all this bad?

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