More hours in the day please

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Bit of a frantic couple of weeks with some less than pleasant family stuff going on, as well as a busier than normal work schedule. Hopefully things will settle down a bit now so I can get back into the swing of things. For anyone checking, sorry for lack of posting, more soon :)

Obama. Apparently He's Black.

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OK, politics is something I generally stay well away from, and is totally away from the sort of things I normally rant about on here, but the amount of media commentary on a particular subject over the last few days is driving me nuts.

So, the new US president is black. Why all the fuss? We have the BBC asking "can Britain elect a black leader", we have "mass outrage" at comments from the Italian prime minister (who seems a bit nuts anyway, but that's by the by). Who Cares!? What precisely has the colour of the guys skin got to do with how well he runs the worlds most bizarre country? He could be fucking purple with green spots for all it matters. As long as he's better for the world in general than Bush then WHO CARES!!!?! Is this not all a bit racist in itself? Are we not past the stage where skin colour is in any way relevant to anything and should even be mentioned or considered? The only thing that all of this highlights is the slightly worrying fact that this is still an issue. GAH!

Rant over :P

Traffic Generation

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We're doing some pretty interesting stuff in network management at the moment. This session and the last one we've started looking at packet generating and capturing using ttcp and tcpdump. I'm enjoying this quite a lot because it's adding the sort of depth to my networking knowledge that I was really lacking. Now I'm starting to understand the concepts behind some of the technologies that I've been playing with over the last few years, both as part of the foundation degree, and the tools that I've been experimenting with at home.

Only problem is, a large chunk of the class really don't seem to be up to the standards they should be at for doing the last year of a degree, and as a consequence really aren't understanding what we're doing. Because of this the lecturer is saying that he might have to scale back the pace of the tutorials. I'm not desperately impressed with this as I already spend quite enough time sitting around waiting for stuff to happen. Most of the people that I've been on the foundation degree with are absolutely fine with what's going on. The problem seems to be with the people coming from courses run by different colleges or universities. Very frustrating, and really shouldn't be happening.