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I took the plunge today and finally got around to setting up a new MSN ID. I've been using one linked to a long-dead email address for years now, and I thought it was finally time to change it, if only to escape people whinging at me when they send messages to the afore-mentioned dead addy.

The new Windows Live pages are very slick and shiny, and seem to work for the most part. The main irritation I had was that I couldn't import contacts that I'd just exported from a different Windows Live account. In a way I suppose that's a good thing. It made me go through the old contacts and do some weeding. As expected, I deleted a load of people that I can't even remember...

I really like the Skydrive feature (A pretty impressive 25 gigs of storage), but I'm not sure how much of the other feature I'll use. Most of the bases (and more) are covered by the ever expanding collection of Google world take-over tools, and for photos usually use Flickr, but again I'm thinking of moving to Google Picasa online for space reasons.

Maybe the Live pages are a bit too slick and shiny? Maybe I fear MS domination? Who knows.

Message me if by some chance you read this, feel you should be on the new contact list, and aren't :)

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