Zenoss and SNMP

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A while ago when I was doing my work placement at Sunderland College I was given the task of evaluating and testing  the free version of the Zenoss network management system. At the time a combination of the instability of Zenoss, the colleges lack of enthusiasm for running Linux boxes (no one wants to be resposible for it), and my lack of knowledge on SNMP meant that I ended up suggesting that they keep looking.

I recently covered SNMP in one of my uni modules, so I thought I'd have another look. With a bit of fiddling I seem to have most of my network being read OK, but I've yet to start experimenting with updating configs and such. Thanks to this post I've gotten my router talking, and the windows boxes were easy enough. One bit I'm still fiddling with is getting the system to monitor its own local machine. SNMPwalk works from the command line, but I can't seem to pursuade Zenoss to use localhost when looking, instead of the machines external IP.

More on this as I get more bits working.

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