Trip Wolf

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Whilst I have neither the time or the money to do much of it, I love to travel. I'm very rarely happier than when I'm exploring somewhere I've never been and I really enjoy the experimenting with new foods, and experiencing different cultures that comes with it.

Because I don't get to do as much travelling as I would like at present I generally try to avoid torturing myself by looking at travel sites, articles, pictures, etc. Trip Wolf however has caught my eye. It's quite a clever idea - all of the various travel review sites, photo sites, forums and blog sites rolled into one with a social networking aspect added for flavour. I haven't had much of a chance to fully explore it yet, but it's definitely something I reckon I'll use, hopefully more so soon!

The main standout feature of the site is that it lets you create scrapbooks of the information you find about your destination of choice, grouping it all nicely together for you, and it lets you create a personalised travel guide in pdf form using that info. The site is also developing a trip planning section. I'll be quite interested in seeing what features they put into this once it's done. Something to keep an eye on, and a useful tool/toy for any tech-savvy traveller.

Anyone joining or already on there that wants to add me can find me here.

Red Alert 3

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I've just completed the latest in the Command & Conquer series, Red Alert 3. This is an excellent follow on from the last Red Alert title, the inventively named Red Alert 2 (I hadn't realised it's been nearly 9 years since that was released). The new version is even more over the top (in a good way) than the last one with new toys like trained attack bears and giant 3 headed robots with swords...

Excellent stuff. Maybe now that's done I can get on with some work! ;)

How To Open A Bottle Of Champagne With A Sword

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And why not?...

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Day Of Defeat

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I've been playing a bit of Day Of Defeat:Source Again recently. Originally developed as a Half-Life mod, this is an excellent team-based FPS set during WWII and available on the Steam platform. Haven't played in a while and am pretty bad at it, but it's been fun to do some online gaming again.

If anyone fancies a game and wants to add me to their friends list, my profile is here.

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Happy New Year

Posted by : Unknown | Thursday, January 01, 2009 | Published in

Happy new year all. Hope people had good nights, and that there aren't too many sore heads.

A relaxing new years day, doing as little as possible and catching up on sorely neglected gaming is the way forward here.