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It's often said that the computer savvy are the worst at practicing what they preach, and in the case of a decent backup system I've been no exception. I decided that my lack of regular backups was probably pretty foolish and the result of just not bothering. I don't even currently have the excuse of no time. So, after a hunt through the different suggestions offered on LifeHacker I decided to give a solution called Mozy a try. It runs as a service in the background and after you've told it what you want backing up you can then just forget about it. I'm currently using the free version which gives me 2 gigs of remote storage space. Once I'm a bit more financially solvent I'll probably cough up the £6 a month that it'll cost to have unlimited backup space for 2 computers. My only gripe is that it doesn't work on Linux, so the Kubuntu install I have on my laptop still isn't as protected as I'd prefer.

However, whilst looking for this I came accross an excellent product called Dropbox. This is a file syncing application that works on Windows, Linux and Mac and allows automatic syncing of files placed in a certain folder across all computers. Files are transfer securely using Schneiers' Blowfish encryption. This is excellent for people like me that often work on the same thing on any one of 3 or 4 different machines and installations and saves messing around looking for things on file shares. Again there's a free version and again its 2 gigs. Well worth checking out.

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