Good stuff, bad stuff

Posted by : Unknown | Tuesday, June 16, 2009 | Published in

Been a week of ups and downs. The Faith No More gig was amazing. One of the best things I've ever seen and I hope they keep going for long enough for me to see it again. I saw them at the Download festival, which seemed generally very good. The crowd seemed very relaxed and was clearly just there for the music, unlike other music fests I've been to where a large proportion of people going were just there to cause trouble.

On the down side, the job didn't work out. Got there to discover that I'd be pretty much lied to about what the job entailed and that they actually wanted someone with no technical knowledge or any ambition to sit and do mindlessly simple and repetitive end user support of the sort that could be totally eliminated if the end users were provided with adequate (or indeed any) documentation. It opened my eyes to how truly appalling some very large companies IT infrastructures (or in this case lack thereof) are. Dodged a bullet there methinks, however it does leave me in the rather unfortunate position of being temporarily unemployed. What I'd really like is a network technician position where I can start getting some experience and hopefully land myself a network admin/management position in the future. Unfortunately I seem to have graduated at the worst time in god knows how long. Any offers?

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