It gets better

Posted by : Unknown | Sunday, August 09, 2009 | Published in

Still loving the new job. A generally brilliant opportunity to start applying my skills. It's quite a surprise to see how much I'm finding myself starting to do something, scratching head, looking up how to do it, then the penny dropping - I know how to do this! Definitely a matter of learning how to apply things in certain contexts. At the moment it's still very much a case of learning the basic everyday stuff to do with actually participating in the day to day business. Hopefully that'll all become second nature soon and I can get on with sharpening up and learning new skills.

One of the most interesting things I've been doing is installing and configuring Draytek dual WAN routers for VPN usage. Interesting stuff to do, very satisfying to get working, and much easier to do than the Cisco stuff I did at uni! (On a side note I'm hoping to get around to writing a review on this kit at some point. Watch this space...)

I've also been up to some test server configuration - revising setup of RAS and NAT on Server 2003, and learning how to configure the same box as a VPN gateway. I was able to do this using the companies backup Internet connection so I could dial in from an external connection, something I've not been able to do before and made things much more realistic. More to come. The thirst for knowledge has returned.

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