Interesting Times

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Looks like I might actually have some Interesting stuff to do ahead of me. Two bits of training, and one of my schools being the pilot school for the first of our new virtual server builds.

The training is on two separate things:

The first lot is on doing Mac OS X builds properly, on both desktop and server, and then efficiently rolling them out. I've done builds and deployments before using Deploy Studio but that was very much a case of working it out as I went along, so some perspective on the 'best practice' will be nice, particularly on the deployment side. Deploy studio is obviously a fairly powerful and flexible bit of kit, so knowing how to make full use of it will be nice.

The next bit of training we're looking at is the FITS framework. As an educational ICT contractor, the company I work for is obliged to be fully compliant with the FITS IT support framework for schools which was (IIRC) originally brought about by (the now defunct) Becta. The basic idea behind it is getting people to work in a more structured and professional fashion (really no bad thing for some...!) and to ensure that everyone within the organisation is singing from the same metaphorical hymn sheet. Strangely, I'm actually looking forward to doing this one more than the OS X one as I think it will be a really interesting look into how things are supposed to be done, and should hopefully provide a kick up the backside for those who aren't really working to the level they should be.

The server build I mentioned is something I'll try and post more on as it develops. The gist of it is that it will be a single physical server running a (I think) four virtual ones. This will separate things out nicely as currently we have everything running from one thoroughly overworked DC, and a NAS server. It will also provide an opportunity to start building a framework for how the systems are supposed to be. The current systems are domains that have been around for nearly 10 years and are running on networks that have been cobbled together and added to as necessary. This tends to get a bit crazy and messy, so a sanity injection will be welcome.

As I said, interesting times. Hopefully it will motivate me to post more!

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